Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Control Snails : Ash Method

Ash is not only good for your compost but is also a proven natural way to control soft-bodied pests like snails and slugs. So far, this is my favorite anti-snail since we have plenty in our home. Firewood is widely used for cooking in the Philippines since LPG prices have soared these days.

So if you have these in your kitchen or fireplace, one way to feel less guilty about polluting Mother Earth is to bring them back to the soil and control your garden pests the natural way.

                           First, collect it in an old can or whatever container you have.

Using an old ladle, spread the ash around your plants.. You may sprinkle them if you like...

Continue spreading until you have encircled the plant so that those pesky snails can't cross.

Pros:   Ash will make your plants healthier since it is a good source of lime, potassium and other trace minerals.
           Good if you want to grow pink or purple hydrangeas.

Cons: Too much ash can burn your plants.
           It raises the soil's pH which is not good if you are growing azaleas, blueberries and gardenias.

Finally, you should bear in mind that ashes are only good snail deterrent when it's fresh. 

                             Guaranteed this snail will be dead in just a few hours...

But since it's been raining cats and dogs here in the Philippines, perhaps you too will feel sorry for the fate of these string beans...

But don't lose hope, sprinkling ashes during summer months would be great.

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