Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Chocolate-y Harvest

I only have afternoon classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I had the privilege to walk my little one to his daycare center which is just at the end of our backyard. 

While we were passing through my aunt's cacao orchard... 

I looked up into these...

and these farther ahead.... aren't they beautiful?

Since I was a kid my grandmother used to plant cacaos all over our house. She also have them plenty in the farm so we had  a steady supply of tablea whole year round.  

I have fond memories of our cacaos. My little brother and I used to have siesta in my lolo's hammock which he tied between the trees. We love it there because it's cool and he used to sing us songs and recount fables and tales. Sometimes he asks us to pull some of his grey hair or scratch his back and he would reward us with big one peso coins. And a single one peso coin back then already means four bubble gums to me!

Even if those trees were long gone, it's feels like this is me in the picture... :)

He had a grand time picking what he can reach and was so happy when he was able to collect all these...

He can't wait for me to slice them in half..

 He was jumping up and down when he saw the perfect seeds..

He waited no further and got his share...

Some of the seeds were overripe and others seeds are already sprouting so I had them separated..

But all in all we had a great harvest and I sang rain rain go away as I was placing these on a clean sack...

I really hope the rain will go away for now so that we can all sip a heartwarming chocolate next week! :)

Help me sing will you? 'Til then! :))


  1. I have never seen this before~thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Caroline! Thanks for dropping by and following... :)

  3. Yes Sue, they definitely are! That's why I miss my lolo so much...