Sunday, June 26, 2011

String Beans and Kantura Update

After I have put the anti-ant powder, the snails attacked my little kantura plot the following morning. Thankfully I rose early to take pictures and I found them about to cross the powdered ant poison.  Since the raining have all stopped, I quickly laid ash around the plot to prevent further damage. The kantura sprouts are not that visible... I am praying to have a better camera soon...

 because it's all blurry and I'm trying to experiment with lighting...

Our beans are all grown up I helped put strings for them to crawl...

See, they're all crawling their way up..

We can't do anything about the missing string beans courtesy of the beautiful snails so my hubby decided to place seeds in the empty slots while I was away in school.. After three days they're good as new!
My hubby still thinks it's Farmville that he'll be able to harvest 5 truckloads of these.. 

I'll be sprinkling ashes this afternoon so that the snails won't eat them again.. Or perhaps I'll do the beer trap.. whichever comes first...

The magic rose are doing pretty well too! I hope they'll grow fast so that I can have them as ground cover.

That's all for now! 'Til then.. :)


  1. Hi Cecile,
    Thanks for your comment on my foliage post. I scrolled down and saw your coleus, too. I hope it is growing well for you. I like the support your husband made for the beans. I had to laugh about him thinking it would be like Farmville. I don't play those FB games, but know people who do. LOL

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for dropping by. Yup thankfully my coleus' are all doing pretty good!

    Yeah, my husband always jokes about harvesting truckloads of veggies off our patch but since he played Farmville it became worse! :))

    BTW. found your other blogs and they're all great! :)