Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steamed cassava cake

It's Sunday again so I have time to cook something for snacks. I'm supposed to be studying binary, octal and hexadecimal conversions plus ayrton shunts, but here I am blogging my stress away...

My hubby was clearing our backyard today and he brought home some cassavas my aunt planted a year ago.    I'm not in the mood to bake some cassava cakes so I made the easier version - steamed cassava cakes.

Aripahol as it is known in my native vernacular is a popular delicacy from Iloilo. If you are in Pototan, you will find an aripahol made from glutinous rice. But if you are in my home, it would be made from cassava. 

Here are the ingredients:

1 kg grated cassava ( juice removed)
*1/2 kg brown sugar
2 cups grated young coconut

* you can substitute 1/4 kg brown sugar and 1/4 kg muscovado

Here's how:

Pour the sugar, young coconut and the grated cassava in a container..

Give it a good mix and they're ready to be molded...

you can place them into more attractive food shapers if you want...

next is to sprinkle sugar on top for your sweet tooth...

I spared others because some of my family are diabetic... then you're all ready to steam!

Give it a good 20 minutes and you'll have delicious steamed cassava cakes for merienda...

But, while I was busy plating my aripahol, I didn't notice my little one went outside to pick some flowers...

I finally found him in the living room concentrating with all his might..

See how proud he was?

Hmmm... he said he's going to be a policeman someday... 

 But if he turns out to be a chef, I'd be much happier... :))

 It's so easy you won't regret giving it a try... 'Til then! :)


  1. Daniel looks so precious..♥

    I need to learn how to make aripahol. But the cassava grating seems so tedious. :(

  2. haha..he is.. we call him the great imitator.. :)

    Ditto on the grating. I was just lucky to have my youngest brother at home whom I threatened to do the tedious part.. lol!

    I'm sure your brothers won't mind.. give it a try! :)

  3. i love aripahol! when im home for a holiday, i always buy those being sold by a guy in a bicycle in our village,warm and full of maskuvado sugar..soo yummy..i will try to make it here in canada using this recipe..tnx for posting.