Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Overhaul!

One of the reasons why I fell in love with gardening is the state of my front yard... 

Well, you can imagine how I looked when I saw this.... but believe me this is waaaaayyyy much better than it was 5 years ago. I thought our house was already abandoned because of the overgrown weeds and stuff... and our backyard 2 years ago certainly looked like a mini forest... The Greenpeace people will certainly thank my then 73 yo aunt for not cutting trees, but for fear of having another cobra attack, I have to make time and embrace gardening and all its hard work...

 If you're an only girl, you'll have to have guts to plead them to clear an area like this... My brothers are not lazy, but then I guess cleaning and landscaping are not on top of their list. But if you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, build an amplifier, remix music or learn how to cook, one of them will volunteer for sure...

Lucky I have a willing husband who did all the digging, hoeing and all the whatnot..

which transformed this ugliness   into                           THIS............... much easier:)

my coleus' are all grown up and I guess this will be their permanent home...

We just mixed and matched the existing ornamental plants and the ones I've got from a friend. :)

This is the second half moon and I've incorporated some of my new aglomenas and caladium leaves.

My ferns have multiplied so I moved some of them here together with my grandmother's old plants.

I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the third half moon, but so far this the most colorful part.

Oh, I think I love the fourth half moon best with most of my unknown plants in it.

I really love this white and green plants... from a single clump, now they're all flourishing! :)
I've also included hibiscus, and sampaguitas at the back of these rows... I really hope they will all grow up to be healthy plants.. :)

We are planning to "overhaul" the other side of the fence this week... :)

Pray that my thumb will turn out to be green! :)

'Til then! :))


  1. It looks awesome! You and your husband will enjoy this area now. I look forward to seeing the other side of the fence.

    I'm sorry about the snails eating your zinnias. I have trouble with rabbits eating my plants.

  2. Thanks Sue! :) Yes, I didn't know there could be so much fun in gardening... except for having snails of course... We used too have rabbits but since they're kept on a fence I didn't know they are equivalent to snails..

    I'll post the other side next week.. :)

  3. Hi Cecile. Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for following it. It will be interesting to see what you're doing in your blog...you are my first gardening contact from your part of the world.

    I just can't quite figure out how to follow yours, without signing up for something else.....I will figure it out!

    Cheers from Canada, Diane

  4. Hey Cecile

    Looks like you're doing a grand job of the garden (with your under-gardeners help).

    Thanks for the comments on the coop. It's way better than my house too, Cecile. Maybe I'll build us both one each and we can be neighbors!;-)

  5. Hi Chris!

    Yes, without him I'd have a grand time suffering with an aching back.. :)

    I'm willing to be your neighbor.. just like in Farmville.. :)

    Thanks for following.. this blog is not much.. but I hope with a better camera soon it would be.. :))

  6. Hi Diane,

    I'm glad you've figured it all out..:) thanks for kindly visiting my little space.. :)